Living and learning is meeting.

In the framework of dialogue, the orientation of your actions can be examined, extended
and strengthened.

I listen, differentiate, summarize, reframe, direct your attention to solutions, support you in
the creation of practical strategies and reinforce your capacity to act.

Since you are looking for optimal approaches to concrete challenges, both the rational and
emotional reflective competence of a trained partner is helpful in generating new and
viable options.

I work with your self-responsibility and concentrate on bringing practical insights to light.
Supportive in your striving for self-knowledge, I act as a mirror that focuses on your best
qualities and allows you to see clearly the motives and reasons for your actions.

Our conversation produces new perspectives and prospects which you would not generate
on your own. I trust in your competence to develop and evaluate these options.
My questions lead to convictions that move you to act autonomously.

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